Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beaver Tools

I will try to use only Beaver tools from the 1950s for stationary equipment, I have acquired a 4 inch jointer, 8 1/4 inch table saw, floor drill press, a 24 inch scroll saw and a 36 inch lathe. I also have a old Dewalt radial arm saw. I need to find a band saw and a thickness planer.

I managed to find a Beaver tool catalog from the 1950s, and the manuals for the tools I have. I also waited 4 hours at a auction to buy a box of popular mechanics because one of the books had a article on building stands for the tools in it plywood was king in those days.


  1. These are some nice, sturdy looking machines. I bet my (modern) tools won't still be around and working 50-60 yrs from now.

  2. don't think beaver made a planer

  3. Beaver did make planers but they were industrial. My grandfather currently owns and operates one on private land.