Friday, 8 July 2011

where to talk

Seems like I spend much more time talking about this project on 
then here I am new to this and getting back on track from a round of medical tests. I plan to start prepping the building to move this weekend and hope to take some pictures to comment on the process. And to take any hints on the next step

So I guess its time to get to step one…

Monday, 4 July 2011

learning to use google sketchup

I have to learn this program to draw the shop  any help would be appreciated. Being able to make good digital drawings would make it easyer to put progress on here. google Sketch up is in my link list.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Beaver Tools

I will try to use only Beaver tools from the 1950s for stationary equipment, I have acquired a 4 inch jointer, 8 1/4 inch table saw, floor drill press, a 24 inch scroll saw and a 36 inch lathe. I also have a old Dewalt radial arm saw. I need to find a band saw and a thickness planer.

I managed to find a Beaver tool catalog from the 1950s, and the manuals for the tools I have. I also waited 4 hours at a auction to buy a box of popular mechanics because one of the books had a article on building stands for the tools in it plywood was king in those days.

The inside of the building

This is the inside of the garage. the collar ties are around 10 feet high which wood accommodate turning moist boards over. The windows on both sides are broken but the sashes are in good shape. there is a man door on one end and a garage door on the other notice its counter weights. the patina is wonderful it has a warmth only 80 years can add.

Notice the gravel floor and concrete footing course.

The Building

This is the old one car garage that I want to restore into a Fifty's style woodworking shop. It is 12 feet wide 22 feet long and unfortunately 12 feet high, which makes it a problem to move. Some how I have to jack this place up load it on a trailer and move it 35 kilometers, including going up and down some big hills and across a hydroelectric dam, and oh yes the Maximum height a load can be on the road is 13.6 feet leaving only 1.5 feet for trailer height .
There is no floor in the building and the door is 8 feet wide, this may prove to be helpful.